Muscle Up

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Supplements for women training in the gym perfectly strengthen and regenerate muscles, allow you to maintain well-being and improve the appearance of your figure. Available in the store amino acids for women BCCA, amino acids EAA facilitate fat burning, reduce appetite, reduce fatigue, support post-workout regeneration and effectively inhibit muscle catabolism. Preparations from this group are recommended for women during intense sports training. Protein supplements: whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, vegan protein supplements, rice proteins can be used as meal replacements for fast and valuable food.

Supplements available in the store promote the growth of lean muscle mass, increase muscle endurance, prepare the body for intense effort Supplements for women with a strong anabolic effect: MK-2866, O-bol, Laxogenin, Sarm GW, creatine malate affect the increase in protein biosynthesis building muscle fibers.