• 100% Bcaa 400g
  • 100% Bcaa 400g

100% Bcaa 400g

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Biotech USA 100% Bcaa 400g pure branched chain amino acids BCAA without additives

BioTechUSA 100% BCAA 400 g are high-quality pure BCAA amino acids with no additives that will boost maximum anabolism in your body. BioTechUSA 100% BCAA 400 g are branched-chain amino acids BCAAs, which are essential in your body. Their action is focused primarily on initiating the protein synthesis, which in turn stimulates muscle mass growth. BCAAs are also responsible for your regeneration. You've probably suffered from considerable muscle pain, commonly known as soreness. BCAAs alleviate such ailments perfectly, allowing you to return to full activity sooner.

Effects of BioTechUSA 100% BCAAs:

  • Protection against catabolism,
  • Enhanced anabolism,
  • Fast regeneration,
  • Initiates mTOR pathways,
  • Build muscle mass,
  • Support nervous system activity,
  • Do not require digestion,
  • Lowers cortisol,
  • Supports insulin sensitivity.

Is it worth using BCAA?

Branched-chain amino acids BCAAs have a broad functional effect. As BCAA belong to the wide group of EAA essential amino acids, we have to supplement them in our diet. While BCAAs contained in animal products are in the form of proteins, BCAAs are a supplement consisting of free amino acids which do not require digestion and are quickly absorbed in the duodenum. This means that taking BCAAs peri-workout does not stress the digestive system, the body can use them quickly during training. BCAAs contained in food have to be obtained in the digestive process, which significantly reduces their availability. BCAAs perfectly supports all exercise processes. During training, your muscles are susceptible to several negative changes such as catabolism. Using BCAA amino acids will ensure that your muscles are not at risk of breakdown. So it's worth investing in a good amino acid supplement that will sustain metabolic activity towards anabolism - building muscle rather than putting it at risk of loss.

Biotech USA 100% BCAA 400g Ingredients:

1 serving, 5g:

L-Leucine - 2500 mg - belongs to the branched-chain amino acids and the EAA group. Its action is focused primarily on stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Leucine is one of the most anabolic amino acids, it stimulates mTOR pathways responsible for muscle protein synthesis. Its action thus has a direct effect on the ability to build muscle mass. A leucine deficiency will mean that our body doesn't strive for new muscle proteins, and the process of building muscle mass will be severely limited.

L-Valine - 1250 mg - just like leucine, valine belongs to the EAA amino acids and is essential for the correct functioning of the body. Its main function is to protect muscles from energy crises; it is used for exercise when the body runs out of energy. It not only sustains energy levels in the body but will also effectively protect against catabolism. Valine also has a metabolic regulating effect, is responsible for carbohydrate utilization, and supports pantothenic acid synthesis. It significantly enhances regeneration and reconstruction processes.

L-Isoleucine - 1250 mg - also belongs to the amino acids which are essential for our organism, being a part of EAA. As a branched-chain amino acid, isoleucine is primarily responsible for the anti-catabolic function. The amino acid is responsible for all regeneration processes, it also triggers muscle protein synthesis. Isoleucine may have a beneficial effect on regulating sugar levels and stimulating insulin sensitivity of tissues.

Biotech USA 100% Bcaa 400g dosage:

workout day: 1 serving before workout. 1 serving during or after workout.


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