Beta Alanine

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Beta-alanine belongs to the so-called endogenous amino acids produced in the liver. Beta alanine supplementation increases the level of carnosine in skeletal muscles, which translates into an increase in training endurance, and also counteracts fatigue. This amino acid effectively reduces the acidification of muscles, thanks to which it increases strength and performance during training and increased regeneration after exercise. It should be remembered that the use of beta-alanine for a long time allows to record the best results.

The amino acid beta alanine is recommended for use during both aerobic and anaerobic training.
The store recommends supplements with beta alanine: beta alanine capsules, beta alanine powder and complex endurance preparations. By using beta alanine for a long time you will increase the level of carnosine in your muscles, which is designed to maintain acid-base balance.