Pregnancy and Prenatal

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Supplements for pregnant women contain adequate doses of iron and folic acid. The demand for pregnant women for nutrients is significantly increased, and the daily diet does not always supplement 100% of all important vitamins and minerals for health. An adequate supply of valuable ingredients during pregnancy can reduce the risk of maternal morbidity and reduce the risk of complications during labor.

The wide range of high-quality prenatal vitamins and nutrients in the Bodyshock store complements the diet of pregnant women and a growing child. Each woman goes through a different pregnancy period and her need for individual ingredients is varied. Folic acid and Iron are crucial during pregnancy, so it's worth taking care of their proper level in the body for the safety of yourself and the baby. You will find highly absorbable vitamins and minerals (in addition to folic acid and iron) in our prenatal supplements. Supplements during pregnancy abound in such ingredients as vitamin B12, Zinc, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and DHA fatty acids, Inositol, Folat-5MTHF Quatrefolic.