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Prohormones are one of the strongest compounds under the influence of which the hormones that occur naturally in the body are formed. The group of one of the most powerful anabolic agents that affect the rapid growth of muscle mass, strength and muscle size.

High-quality anabolic supplements allow maximum muscle visibility, preventing catabolism and water retention in the body, while regulating the hormonal balance. offers a wide range of prohormonal supplements from well-known and reputable manufacturers, mainly from the USA.

Classification of prohomones:

We divide prohormones into two categories:

Group I is very strongly associated with the androgen receptor:

Boldenone -1,4AD, Dienolone - Mdien Epistane, Desoxymethyltestosterone, DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

Group II are prohormones that do not bind to the androgen receptor at all:

Superdrol (including m-drol), Halodrol, Dianabol - M1,4ADD, M1T, 1-T, Winstrol, Progesterone.

Classification of prohormones according to the effects:

Prohormones building wet muscle mass:

M1,4ADD, M-1T, P-Plex / D-Stianozol / Phera-Mass, M-drol, Superdrol, S-drol, Massdrol

Prohormones that build dry muscle mass:

Bold200 / Eq-plex, Epistanae, Tren, Superdrol, Halodrol, Winztrol, Furazadrol

The best prohormones for strength:

Tren, Superdrol, M1T, Pheraplex, M14ADD

Prohormones do I need to use PCT products?

If you find the word methyl \ or / and \ 17a \ in the name of the active substance of the prohormone, it means that the prohormone is methylated and you will need liver covers during its use. The use of liver protection supplements is needed to maintain liver health and minimize side effects.

How to use prohormones?

For the best results, we recommend combining products from groups 1 and 2, which has a positive effect on maximizing the effects.

Prohormones are preparations recommended for advanced athletes and should be used with caution, following certain rules:

  • Recommended cycles should not exceed 8 weeks
  • Liver protectors should always be used with methylated prohormones
  • In the case of some prohormones, estrogen blockers and agents for unblocking will also be needed for use.
  • We recommend testing both before and after the cycle to monitor the effects of the substance
  • We recommend using proven and original prohormones from reliable producers