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Zinc plays an important role in metabolic processes, helps to maintain the proper appearance of hair, skin and nails, and maintains healthy bones. An important activity of this mineral is its effect on the appropriate level of testosterone, which is very important for maximum and rapid increases in muscle mass. In addition, zinc increases the immune function by preventing infections, inhibits the multiplication of viruses in the early stages of disease development.

In the Bodyshock.pro store you will find zinc supplements in various forms: zinc in capsules, lozenges. Preparations rich in zinc with high absorption: Zinc Citrate, L-Methionine L-Optizinc, Zinc Diglycinate Albion (amino acid chelate), Organic Zinc. Zinc supplements are especially recommended during the use of low-protein diets, for people with absorption problems associated with gastrointestinal tract diseases. The cause of zinc deficiency can also be a vegan diet, as well as intense physical activity that increases the excretion of the micronutrient.