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Glycolog 180 caps

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Blackstone labs glycolog 180 caps insulin mimicry

Blackstone labs glycolog 180 caps insulin mimicker is a modern and revolutionary product of Blackstone Labs. With a new blend of ingredients like bitter melon, chromium, R-alpha lipoic acid, gymnemic acid and cinnamon extract, Glycolog makes your pancreas work for you and encourages your body to use insulin as an anabolic hormone, not just a storage hormone. In addition, the content of bioperine and cyclodextrins improves the bioavailability and effect of other components of the supplement, making this product a complete product.

Blackstone labs glycolog 180 caps is:

  • Insulin mimicry,
  • Better insulin sensitivity,
  • Better energy absorption,
  • Improving well-being,
  • sugar control,
  • Weight loss

Blackstone Labs Glycolog 180 caps insulin mimicry composition:

Chromium polynicotinate - is a combination of chromium and vitamin B3. The proven biological significance of chromium is the ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels. This element affects the metabolism of glucose and fats and can be helpful in controlling body weight. Several studies have proven that chromium supplementation has contributed to lower body fat content and improved body composition.

Gymnema Sylvestre - contains gymnemic acid. Research suggests that this acid has hypoglycemic properties that work through several possible mechanisms, including reduction of glucose uptake in the small intestine, improvement of glycolysis, glycogen synthesis, gluconeogenesis and stimulation of insulin secretion.

Bitter melon - is used to support the treatment of type II diabetes. The charantine, alkaloids and proteins contained in it have the potential to regulate the level of glucose in the blood. They are attributed to insulin-like activity, which consists in storing glycogen stores in muscles and liver and the effect on increasing the activity and secretion of this hormone. In addition, the extract of the bitter melon fruit can affect the increase of physical fitness of people with active mobility and activation of the differentiation of muscle cells.

Studies show that the compounds contained in this plant activate the enzyme AMPK, which stimulates glucose uptake, fatty acid oxidation in the muscles and insulin secretion by pancreatic cells. The substances contained in the extract from cinnamon bark can stimulate insulin receptors and inhibit the enzyme that turns them off. As a result, it is possible to increase the ability of cells to utilize glucose and to improve insulin sensitivity. Recent studies show that consuming half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day significantly reduces the level of glucose in diabetic blood.

R-ALA (R-alpha-lipoic acid) is a form of lipoic acid (ALA) naturally produced by the human body. Its sodium salt is much more bioavailable and increases its concentration in blood up to 10 to 30 times more than in the case of the pure form of this acid. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of R-ALA, which suggest that:

  • increases the transport of glucose and its metabolism in muscle cells;
  • increases the metabolic rate and reduces the age-related increase in fat mass;
  • mimics the action of insulin on the absorption of glucose in insulin-resistant cells and may contribute to the restoration of the availability of glucose in tissues such as skeletal muscle;
  • prevents hyperglycaemia and lowers insulin levels;
  • can prevent and treat diabetes and some of its complications

Bioperine - is a standardized extract of black pepper, which is a source of piperine. The research proved that it affects the biological availability of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and plant substances) by increasing the secretion of digestive juices. Thanks to this, all consumed food ingredients can be used more optimally.

Berberine - many properties supporting slimming are attributed to her. It has been observed that its consumption may cause: improvement of insulin sensitivity and increase of its secretion, decrease of glucose production in the liver and acceleration of lipolysis. Studies in humans confirm its beneficial effect on the lipid profile of the blood and weight loss.

Berodine - complexed cyclodextrin facilitates the absorption of water insoluble medications from the gastrointestinal tract, which are administered orally. They increase their bioavailability and immunize the medicinal substance against the effects of gastric juices.

The supplement is intended for anyone who wants to change their appearance from the proverbial elephant to massive mountain, hard muscles. It can also be used in the prophylaxis and treatment of the light form of type II diabetes and among people who want to improve the sensitivity of tissues to insulin.

Blackstone labs glycolog 180 caps insulin mimicker Dosage:

3 capsules 1-2 times a day with a meal with a large volume of carbohydrates.


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